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The Origination of the kennel name Runnymede


Runnymede by Wedgwood is my wedding china pattern. Runnymede is the site in England where the Magna Carta was signed. We loved the English sound of the name and decided to use it as the kennel prefix for our Golden Retriever show dogs. We thought the name, which means running meadow, was descriptive of our property. We live in a rural area that until recently did not have road names. In order to help visitors find the kennel, we hung a small sign that said RUNNYMEDE at the end of the road. The road gradually became known as Runnymede Road. Eventually the road was officially named Runnymede Road by Hancock County.


Runnymede has been home to over forty AKC Champions, multiple group winners, five Golden Retriever Club of America Outstanding Dams, one Outstanding Sire and a Show Dog Hall of Fame bitch. Betsy is also an AKC Licensed Judge.


 The kennel facility has fourteen indoor/outdoor climate controlled runs, seven outside exercise paddocks, and kitchen and grooming areas.


Elizabeth C. Smith “Betsy”




Phone: 228-332-2544

Calls Between 9am and 5pm Central Time Only, Please.

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